E30 5 Lug & E46 M3 Brake Upgrade Writeup

E30 5 Lug Conversion Overview

We're looking to accomplish two things here, upgrade our brakes and upgrade our E30 to 5 lug (5x120) status which would enable us to run a plethora of wheel options including any E38 16" wheels or most if not all 17" 5 lug wheels (some may need a spacer to clear the caliper).

We recommend you make sure you have all tools and parts needed for this project before start since you will be be making your E30 immobile during this process! This page contains the entire process from start to finish so make sure you read it several times to get a handle on things before starting as well.

E30 5-Lug Conversion on 325es
E30 5 Lug Conversion

Take Note

  • You must start with E30's suspension parts from any E30 other than the early M10 cars. This means no rear drums or non vented front rotors etc.
  • You will need to bleed your brakes after install
  • You may encounter rust which will make disassembly difficult
  • There may be things missed or left out, please read the entire DIY before starting! Do not attempt this job without the help of a professional or knowledgeable friend.

E30 Front Brake Setup Removal

E30 Front Hub Removal

Prep the Dust Shield

Install Hub with Machined Hub Spacer

Install Rotor and Caliper

E30 Rear Axle Removal

E30 Rear Brake Removal

E30 Rear Hub and Bearing Removal

E30 Rear Hub and Bearing Install

E30 Rear Axle and Brake Install